Bed Bug Removal Fife:

Bed Bug Removal Fife

Bed Bug Removal Fife:

First of all these are parasitic insect’s of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. They are oval-shaped, flat and reddish-brown, and up to 5mm long.

Female’s bed bug’s lay 200-500 egg’s over a two-month period. These white speck’s stick to surface’s and are very difficult to spot. They hatch to form tiny straw-colored insect’s that take about six to eight week’s to grow into adult bed bug’s. As they grow, they shed their skin. This look’s like mottled brown shell’s on your mattress.

Especially relevant Bed bug’s need to feed on blood to be able to mature, but they are very resilient. Adults bed bug’s can survive for up to a year without feeding.

Most noteworthy because their bodies are flat, bed bug’s can squeeze into the smallest crevice or crack, such as a mattress seam or the joints of a bed frame. This can make them very difficult to spot.

First of all the best thing you can do is inspect your mattress regularly for tell tale sign’s of bed bug’s and take immediate action if necessary.

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