Fox Control Fife:

Fox Control FifeFox Control Fife:

We offer an urban and rural Red Fox trapping and removal service. Many people are frightened and concerned about the Red Fox, especially one’s affected by mange. A scruffy looking fox is not necessarily an ill fox. They are typically found in woodland and open country, but their presence in urban area’s is increasing.

The Red Fox are successful opportunist feeder’s and will eat almost anything including insect’s, earthworm’s, fruit, berry’s, wild bird’s, small mammal’s and scrap’s left by human’s but are also happy to enter or break into chicken hut’s / poultry run’s, rabbit hutch’s etc anywhere there is an easy meal.

The Red Fox is mostly primarily active at dusk and night. They are solitary, but they very occasionally group together in a pack. The Red Fox can be aggressive when challenged and can carry disease’s. Red Fox control is a specialist area of pest control, and not all company’s are comfortable dealing with this common pest.

Our Services:

We offer Domestic, Farm and Commercial service’s for all your Pest Control need’s in Fife and the surrounding area’s. Google “Fife Pest Control Services” to find a solution to all your pest control problems.

Call us now on 01383 735695 for all your Pest Control needs in Fife and the surrounding area.

  • Our Pest Control service offer’s a service to Farm, Domestic and Commercial propertie’s.
  • We have fully trained, experienced pest controllers covering the Fife area.
  • We shall destroy the Pest/Vermin infestation and in addition we can also offer a proofing service.
  • Fife Pest Control service’s offer a 24/7 rapid response service.
  • Rapid Reliable Pest Control Services.
  • Fife Council Trusted Traders.

Finally we can offer a 24/7 Fox Control and Fox Removal service’s in and around the Fife area.

Please call now for all your Fox need’s in and around Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Cupar, Kinross and the whole of the Fife area.